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Solo Fishing Trip at Lake Kasumigaura
4-6 May 2023, Miwa

I decided to cast my line at Lake Kasumigaura from May 4th. I don't have many good memories of spring fishing at Lake Kasumigaura in recent years. However, I reconsidered that notion. Now, whether it will turn out to be bad luck or good luck remains to be seen.

The 62nd Meetup - Sumida River
30 Oct. 2022

After the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, we finally held our first meetup. The location was the Sumida River. Two days prior, Borahide-san scouted the area and prepared the feed, so everything was ready! Under the clear blue sky, Miwa will report on this hot day.

I joined the Meter Club
3 Nov. 2021, Elbow and Namitsugi Cob

Today, even in the darkness, the movement of the carp was extraordinary, and our expectations were higher than ever before. While preparing the bait for my second cast, the sensor went off. The line was being pulled out generously. As I held the rod, it felt heavy. 

Rehabilitation Fishing Trip
23-24 Sep. 2021, Miwa

I went to Lake Kasumigaura. On the early morning of the second day, it finally happened - the sensor went off! The reel next to the car kept making a buzzing sound, so I thought, "Is it a carp?" As I picked up the rod, it seemed to have gotten tangled with …

The 60th Meetup - Kasumigaura
27-29 Sep. 2019

After a two-year hiatus, we held a meetup at Lake Kasumigaura. As usual, the first to arrive were Namitsugi Cob-chan and Yasuko-san, followed by Miwa in the early afternoon. The weather was perfect with a gentle breeze, and Kasumigaura …

The 51st Meetup - Kasumigaura
2-4 Oct. 2015

On the second day afternoon, Cob-chan and his wife Yasuko-san arrived at the fishing spot. Despite the early summer-like temperature and strong headwind, they struggled to set up. Miwa arrived at 9:30 pm when the wind had already calmed down. 

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