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Keihin Oogoi Club

|| Overview


- Keihin Oogoi Club


-Yuichirou Shimada(Chairman)



Social media accounts



- 1 Apr. 2004


- 6 people

Main fishing spots

- Tama River

- Tsurumi River

Main Club Events

- Fishing meetup

|| Club introduction

The Keihin Oogoi Club was originally established in 2004 as a fishing club specializing in freshwater large fish among friends. While it's referred to as a fishing club, it doesn't have particularly strict rules; it's more of a camaraderie-based group where those who enjoy fishing together naturally become members.
Given that members reside around the Tokyo area, we designate the nearby Tama River and Tsurumi River as our main fishing spots. Despite their close proximity to the city center, the Tama River boasts abundant natural surroundings, whereas the Tsurumi River is an urban river with concrete embankments. Despite their distinct atmospheres, both rivers are teeming with carp, with grass carp and black carp also present, making them exceptional fishing environments accessible from urban areas.
As time has passed since the club's establishment, some members have become too busy with work or have relocated, making it challenging for them to fish together. However, since the members originally bonded well and share a passion for carp fishing, they believe that someday they will reunite for fishing trips filled with laughter. The Keihin Oogoi Club aims to continue fostering connections among such friends and remain a supportive fishing community.

3 Mar. 2024

|| Club introduction - Japanese


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