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Kawasaki Koijikai

Silver Carp (Takayoshi Torikai)

Silver Carp Fishing meetup

A Cheers After Fishing

|| Overview


- Kawasaki Koijikai


-Takayoshi Torikai (President)


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Social media accounts

- Instagram:takayoshi_torikai

- Facebook:鳥養考由


- 1993


- 5 people (Jul. 2023)

Main Club Events

- Autumn Silver Carp Fishing meetup

- National Carp Fishing Association

Spring Tournament

Autumn Tournament

Club Competition

New Year's Gathering


|| Club introduction

In September 1992, when I attempted to participate in the 3rd National Kasumigaura Carp Fishing Tournament, I realized that individual participation was not allowed, and one had to belong to some organization or club to take part. It was at that moment I became aware of the necessity for a carp fishing club. (Eventually, I temporarily joined the Tama 81 Club at that time and participated in the tournament.)
The following year, in 1993, the National Carp Fishing Association was established, igniting the carp fishing boom. As my second year of visiting the water town, I started getting featured in fishing magazines like "Fishing," and my interactions with carp anglers from other regions increased. This led to more invitations to join clubs, which put me in a dilemma of having to decline.
What made the decisive change was when the founding president of Ooedo Koidouraku, with whom I often fished together, invited me, saying, "I'm forming a club. Would you like to join, Torikai?" At that time, the club had only three members, and I was about to become the fourth, but I declined, saying, "I will create my own club!"
With the companions I often went fishing with and some seniors who had fishing connections locally, we established a club with five members. Simultaneously, we joined the National Carp Fishing Association.
As we are a small club, we don't have particularly strict rules, but we operate in accordance with the regulations of the National Carp Fishing Association.
As it is a carp fishing club, carp fishing is the main focus. However, we actively challenge ourselves to catch Silver Carp, Grass Carp, and Black Carp, which naturally breed in the Tone River System.
This year (2023) marks the 30th anniversary since the club's establishment. Over this period, the number of members has fluctuated, and now I find myself as the only remaining founding member.
The annual membership fee for the club is three thousand yen (the individual annual fee for the National Carp Fishing Association).
The current members are bonded by the coincidence of becoming friendly at the fishing spots and joining the club. In the future, I hope to continue enjoying "seasonal fishing" with these fellow anglers.

30 Jul. 2023

|| Club introduction - Japanese

翌年の1993年 全国鯉釣り協会が発足し鯉釣りブームに火が付く。


(全国鯉釣り協会 会費 1団体☓5000円・1人2000円☓5名 計15000円)


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