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- Instagram:mcfjapan.mio

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- 1 Sep. 2002


- 14 people

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- MCF Meetup

|| Club introduction

MCF JAPAN stands for Monster Carp Fishing in Japan. We mainly fish for common carp and black carp. The common carp is widely distributed throughout Japan and is a familiar fish to the Japanese people, appearing in the "Nihon Shoki," Japan's oldest historical book completed in 720. Black carp, on the other hand, inhabit only the Tone River and Kasumigaura Water System and are the largest fish in the carp family. Its native country is China, but its population increased in Japan in the 1940s. While there is a Japanese record of a 171cm black carp caught in 2016, our club's record is 162cm.

Our club was formed simultaneously with the launch of the website "MCF JAPAN" in September 2002. Anglers who later became MCF club members got to know each other through the internet and exchanged information online. The club's fishing trips, which have been held annually since its formation, became known as fishing meetups. Up until 2022, a total of 63 meetups have been held. The fishing meetups focus on fostering camaraderie among members and exchanging the latest information, rather than competing for rankings. Club members' families also participate. When held in the Arakawa or Sumida River in Tokyo, it is a day trip, while in Kasumigaura or the Tone River, it takes place over a period of 2 to 3 days. People who wish to join the club often attend fishing meetup as guests to get a sense of the club's atmosphere before becoming members.

There are two fishing styles among club members: the European-style that uses boilies and the Japanese-style that mainly relies on grain bait. When fishing for black carp, we use river snails as bait. The reason for this is that the Tone River and Kasumigaura Lake system have a large number of catfish, and using boilies or grain bait would result in catching mostly catfish. By attaching the river snails, including the shells, to the hook, catfish are unable to eat them, increasing the chances of catching black carp or common carp.

30 Jul. 2023

|| Club introduction - Japanese

MCF JAPANは、Monster Carp Fishing in Japanの略称です。私たちは主に鯉とアオウオを釣ります。鯉は日本全土に広く分布しており、720年に完成した日本の最も古い歴史書「日本書紀」にも登場する、日本人にとって馴染み深い魚です。一方、アオウオは利根川と霞ヶ浦水系にのみ生息し、鯉科の中では最も大きな魚です。本来の生息地は中国ですが、日本では1940年代に増加しました。2016年に171cmのアオウオが釣れた日本記録がありますが、当クラブの記録は162cmです。
私たちのクラブは、2002年9月にウェブサイト「MCF JAPAN」が立ち上げられた時と同時に結成されました。後にMCFクラブのメンバーとなるアングラーたちは、インターネットを通じて知り合い、オンラインで情報を交換しました。結成以来、毎年釣行会が開催され、これがオフ会と呼ばれるようになりました。2022年までに合計63回のオフ会が行われています。オフ会は、メンバー同士の連帯を深め、最新の情報を交換することを重視しており、順位を競うことはありません。クラブメンバーの家族も参加します。東京の荒川や隅田川で開催される場合は、日帰りで行われますが、霞ヶ浦や利根川では2~3日にわたって行われます。クラブに入会を希望する方は、クラブの雰囲気を感じるためにゲストとしてオフ会に参加することがあります。

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